CBS has old fashioned business values that self respecting Business Owners are searching for in the 21st century. Having been involved with businesses for over 35 years I know that CBS is well placed to help with all the financial needs of SME Business’es. I understand the needs of any business and recognise that cash flow is the life blood of all businesses. Our specialist expertise has helped many businesses over the years and we provide you with a ‘ONE STOP SHOP’ solution for all business types and specialise in our holistic approach to you as the Business Owner, Professional Advisors and our long standing supporters who require a complete bespoke personal service.

As the founder of CBS you will deal with me at all times, and I will ease you through the complexities of running your business, improving gross profit margins reducing costs and restructuring your finance arrangements. The end result is that we aim to increase the value of your business so that when you come to sell, the sale price will be enhanced.


There are numerous Case Studies which will, no doubt, in some way relate to your own position. I am extremely passionate about helping business of all types but specifically enjoy helping all kinds of SME’s.


If your business is for sale or you are thinking about selling we offer a FREE BUSINESS HEALTH check including a free listing on this web site.


We are launching soon an exciting new service for SME’s - get in touch to see how we can HELP your business.


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