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Why choose CBS?

You have access to a Management Team with over 35 years of Corporate Banking experience. We have links with all the major financial institutions to ensure we provide the complete financial solution.


Can I get finance even though I have been trading for less than 2 years?

We help all kinds of business from start ups, CVA’s, Insolvency cases. We do not discriminate.


My turnover is less than £100,000 can you help me?

There is no barrier to turnover. Indeed, there are many businesses with less than £100,000 turnover, which are very profitable. We are proud to help all SME’s.


Do I have to be a Limited Company?

We help all kinds of business, which include Sole Traders, Partnerships and, of course, Limited Companies. The legal status of a business is not a barrier to financial assistance through CBS.


I cannot put cash into my proposal but do have security?

That does not matter, as it is not always necessary to input cash into a business proposition. The Management team are well used to seeing Asset Rich but Cash Poor business proposals. Quite often, the cash went into the business at an earlier stage.


I need an Accountant – can you help?

Yes, we work very closely with our Professional Partners and very happy to reliably introduce you to our contacts.


I need a Solicitor – can you help?

As with our Accountancy Partners, we work very closely with the Legal Profession and, depending, on your specific requirements, are happy to recommend suitable professionals.


Are there any businesses you cannot help?

With our vast experience in Corporate Banking and related industries, there are very few businesses we cannot help. However in these difficult economic times there will always be such situations, and, indeed, do not guarantee complete success. However, if we are unable to help one way, we will find alternative solutions for you to consider.


I have invested all my own cash into the business and might need some help through external investors – can you help?

We are very pleased to introduce Venture Capitalists, Business Angels, Small Firms Loan Guarantee or even specific Grant Assisted Funding to our clients and prospects.


I am worried I might be trading insolvently – can you help?

If you are, then we will tell you, at a very early stage, and give you the most appropriate advice to resolve your problems.


I own a portfolio of residential properties and I’m looking to raise capital on these – can you help?

Although we are not authorised under the Financial Services Act we do introduce clients, from time to time, to Independent Financial Advisers who are fully authorised under the appropriate Act.

What fees do CBS charge to help business?

We charge an initial commitment fee of £500 which is deducted from all future success fees. Our normal success fee is 1% of the gross finance that we raise.


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