Cash flow is the lifeblood of your business and CBS can help you by providing advice on cashflow finance, factoring and lending.


David Chesters of CBS has over 35 years experience in banking and finance.

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Cash flow Finance, otherwise known as Cash Flow Factoring or Invoice Discounting, has been in existence for over 40 years. Those who do not fully appreciate the ways in which cash flow finance can help a business, in the short, medium or long-term, do not always understand the flexibility, efficiency and cost savings it may bring.


Imagine this typical scenario:

A manufacturing company has a bank overdraft, fully secured against personal assets, such as property.  The company standard terms are 60 to 90 days to Debtors or even longer.  Naturally, as the company debtors pay their invoices, so creditors are also being paid.  However, the company credit control is a little stretched and debtors are late paying, consequently creditors are not prepared to wait, and the bank will not extend the overdraft facility, as the security has no extra comfort margin.  As a result cash flow gets very tight, with suppliers, PAYE and VAT pressing, but the company has Debtors who, although slow in paying, are still good for payment.



Using the existing Debtors, which, for example stand at £100,000, we can immediately unlock up to 90%, using cash flow finance, providing payment history is satisfactory.  This will immediately release cash, and for a cost effective service charge, the Invoice Factoring Company can handle the TOTAL credit control and cash flow function.


This will allow the company management to concentrate on more profitable business areas, such as increasing sales or deploying staff to other key areas of the business.


In addition, the release of cash into the business can also improve supplier terms such as discounts for early settlement. Not only does your business receive immediate cash, it can also improve its profit margins, through supplier discounts.

We have links with all the major Invoice Factoring companies in the marketplace and can help virtually all types of business.


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