Are you the owner (or a director of) a small to medium sized business?

YES? then please read on...


•   Do you answer “yes” to two or more of the following?

•   You’re working longer hours than ever?

•   Your Business sales haven’t achieved the levels you hoped?

•   The business is totally dependent on your input?

•   You’re very uncertain about what direction to take your business or how you’ll do it?

•   You’re spending your day fire fighting one problem after another?

•   You’re unsure about how marketing is changing business owner’s lives and why you     need to pay attention?

•   You’re losing good clients or putting up with difficult customers?

•   You’re reluctant to change your systems and procedures even though they’re not as effective as they were?

•   You’re working more “in” your business instead of working “on” your business?

•   You’re an expert in your own line of business but not in marketing?

•   You don’t have a marketing system but would like to implement one?


Here at CBS we can work with small business owners who answer “yes” to at least two of these questions.



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