We can help provide short and medium-term bridging loans. No matter what the requirement, we can help you.  Bridging Finance is the most appropriate form of finance where speed is essential to take advantage of purchase opportunities, where traditional lenders cannot offer finance, due to time or risk constraints.


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There may be a need to raise finance quickly to repay short-term creditors who are pressing, such as Tax Bills, VAT or creditors where damage to your credit status may occur.


Bridging LoansProperties being purchased at below current market values can be re-financed, as we lend against Open Market Values. This situation may arise due to the current owner wishing to raise capital quickly, giving you the opportunity to acquire the property. We may lend up to 100% of the purchase price depending upon the open market value.


We can provide up to 100% finance.

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Bridging Loans


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