No matter how well you run your businnesses finances, there’s always a chance of something going seriously wrong or you come up against unexpected expenses!


It's often something completely beyond your control: an illness, a cashflow problem, an unpaid invoice, a cancelled contract or just a short-term downturn in the economy. Individuals are just as vulnerable as businesses: sickness, redundancy or plain old bad luck can suddenly make your life very difficult. Creditor pressure is the most likely reason for your visit to our website.


Are you being chased by a financial institution, a supplier or maybe our 'friends' at HM Revenue & Customs?  Dont worry we can help... We can relieve that pressure!


You can’t turn back time, but you can choose what you do next, and there may be more options than you think.


Complete Business Solutions is a 'one-stop-shop' helping with business recovery via constructive help and advice as well as financial solutions. We are well established, knowledgeable and qualified to provide the guidance and support that you’ll need to make your way through the maze of options you may have.


We cover the whole of the UK, with offices in Chester.


Remember, the quicker you act, the more chance you’ve got of being able to save your business or personal affairs. We’re happy to meet you in the first instance for a free, no obligation discussion and we can take matters forward from there.

Complete Business Solutions offers support, assistance and funding options for new and established UK small companies.  As experts in business, we provide a wide range of vital business services including advice, financial expertise and support.  We can assist you in numerous ways to ensure you and your business achieve and prosper.

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